Mini ($19.95)

The MINI is designed to use on areas of delicate sensitivity such as the eyes, throat, or high heart.



Heart with removable cover ($42.75)

Symbol of love and affection, the HEART is designed to support a grieving heart or soothe a weary heart. This pillow’s unique shape molds beautifully to the nape of the neck, throat, over the forehead, or anywhere in need of comfort. Size: 8″ x 8″


Round with removable cover ($35.00)

This is our all purpose pillow. Originally designed to calm those anxious gut feelings, the ROUND has a comforting weight and size helpful on all parts of the body. Try it warm or cool, under or over your joints and hands. Size: 9″ diameter


with removable cover ($45.00)

For midline centering awareness, place along the length of your torso. For spinal support, the LONG, stretches from tailbone to the base of the cranium. It can be used as a wrap on any part of the body, and along the legs and arms for a sense of boundary. Size: 4-½” x 24″


Long – Segmented with removable cover ($49.95)


We’ve added a segmented version of our popular LONG. This design has pockets that hold the seed in place and make it ideal for use over the shoulders when seated. Size: 4-½” x 24″

Brick with removable cover ($38.50)


The BRICK, as we lovingly call it, is denser than the other pillows. Its compact size makes it a versatile pillow to grip or squeeze, and to mobilize energy. Excellent to support different areas of the body. Use under the joints with a ROUND on top. 
Size: 6″ x 9″


Extra Covers

    1. Heart: $10.00 ea or $25 for 3
    2. Round: $10.00 ea or $25 for 3
    3. Brick: $10.00 ea or $25 for 3
    4. Long and Long Segmented: $12.00 ea or $30 for 3


We are continually discovering new uses for our pillows. If you find an interesting use for your pillows please email your experiences so we can share your idea with others.

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