Mini ($19.95)

Designed for the eyes, it is nurturing when placed on the clavicular joint, on the hyoid (Adam’s apple) and thymus gland, and on the forehead.


Heart (with cover) ($42.75)

The professional therapist require covers that can be removed and washed. So, now the “Heart Pillow” comes with a removable cover!


Designed to soothe those anxious gut feelings, the Round has a comforting weight and presence. Try it anywhere. It’s also good to support joints while lying down. The cover is removable for washing.



For your shoulders, neck, or spine, or as a wrap on any part of your body. For mid-line support lay face up, place along the length of your torso. For spinal support lay down, centering your spine on the pillow from tailbone to the base of the cranium. The cover is removable for washing.

Long – Segmented 

We’ve added a segmented version of our popular “Long Pillow.” This design has pockets that hold the seed in three sections Ideal for the shoulders when your client is in the seated position. The cover is removable for washing.

Pouch ($49.95 Each)


The Pouch was developed by a user with Rheumatoid and OsteoArthritis. It envelops the hand with either warmth (when microwaved) or coolness (when stored in a freezer). Washable cotton gloves are included to keep the interior clean. The cover is removable for washing.

Brick ($38.50)


“The Brick”, as we lovingly call it, has a denser construction and heavier weight in a compact size making it a versatile pillow. The cover is removable for washing.

Extra Covers

  1. Cover for the Heart ($9.00)  
  2. Cover for the Round ($8.00)
  3. Cover for the Long and Long Segmented ($10.00)  Note: This cover will fit both the original long and the Long Segmented pillow!
  4. Cover for the “Brick” ($10.00)
  5. Cover for the Pouch  ($9.00)

We are continually discovering new uses for our pillows. If you find an interesting use for your pillows please email your experiences so we can share your idea with others.

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