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The smovey VIBROSWING system is a swinging-ring health and fitness tool  developed by Austrian tennis instructor Johann Salzwimmer in discovering the benefit in reducing his symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.  The rings have become a popular tool for many forms of therapeutic and general exercise practices, as shown in the training DVD which comes with it. 

A few years ago, Peter A. Levine introduced the Smovey Rings to Somatic Experiencing Practitioners as a tool in trauma healing work.  The vibrations created by swinging the rings have been shown to be effective in identifying and regulating activated and dissociative ( not sure that identifying is as good as saying something like “mobilizing fixed hypo and hyper states) states in the nervous system.  

Smovey Rings consist of two spiraled tubes, each with four steel balls and a cushioned (instead of ing) grip. The balls move as a free mass creating a vibrational stimulus on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.  The vibrations appear to synchronize with the natural vibrational frequencies in the human body. 

The vibrations are mostly experienced as pleasant and calming body sensations, however for some nervous systems the vibrations may bring about increased activation. The “felt” experience of the vibrations and the timely incorporation of core Somatic Experiencing principles (e.g. titration, pendulation, healthy aggression, etc.) demonstrates to clients a poignant way to regulate and stabilize their nervous system. 

See video with Dr. Abi Blakeslee discussing many aspects of Smovey Rings in SE practice:  

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