Use and Care Instructions

How to Use Your Pillows


Twist in the middle to adjust the fit and softness of the pillow. The MINI was originally designed for the eyes. But, we have found it to be nurturing when placed on or below the clavicular joint, the hyoid (Adam’s apple), thymus gland, and forehead.


To heal a wounded heart of soothe a weary heart, the HEART is a trusted friend. Wonderful on your chest, on the nape of the neck, throat, or anywhere in need of calming comfort.



This is our all purpose pillow. Originally designed to calm those anxious gut feelings, the
ROUND has a great comforting weight and presence which is helpful on all parts of the body whether to protect and soothe when used on top or support underneath. Try it under your wrists, knees, neck, ankles.

Long and Long Segmented

Lying face up stretch the pillow on your midline from the clavicular joint to the pubic bone. For spinal support stretch the pillow on a comfortable surface. Spread the seeds evenly or bunch them in specific areas for extra support. Lay down while  centering your spine on the pillow from your tailbone to the base of your cranium. The pillow can also be used as a wrap on any part of your body.



The BRICK is denser and heavier than the other pillows. Its compact size makes it a versatile pillow.

Warming Your Therapeutic Pillow

Warm in a microwave. Do NOT heat in a conventional oven or if wet.
Use standard microwave precautions. DO NOT STACK OR OVERHEAT!
Misuse can result in fire or melting of your pillow!
Check for adequate heat and hot spots before use.

Maximum heating times depending on the strength of your microwave:

Mini: 30 seconds
Heart: 1 minute
Round: 2 minutes
 2 minutes
Long and Long Segmented: 2-3 minutes

Cooling Your Therapeutic Pillow

Place your pillow in the freezer in a sealed plastic bag or container to keep free of  moisture. Remove excess air before sealing. Leave as long as needed to cool. You can also store your Therapeutic Pillow long-term in the freezer if you like to use it cold. Pillows will remain pliable and soft when cold.


The Nurture to Heal Therapeutic Pillows contain unscented food grade, organic flax seeds only.


If any medical condition exists, use caution or check with your doctor before use. Do not use with infants and young children without supervision.
Pillows contain flax seeds. Do not leave pillow unattended around animals such as birds and chickens who love seeds!


• Only the removable covers can be washed. Dry on a delicate setting. The Mini cannot be washed. Spot clean only.
• For health reasons, if you are using your Mini on the eyes of multiple individuals, use a protective barrier like a tissue.
• Do not overheat as it may burn the flax seed.


Store in a clean, dry environment away from moisture, small children, pets, and birds.


Do not place directly on the skin if you or your clients are allergic to flax seeds. If you or your clients experience an allergic reaction, please call 911 or go to your nearest urgent care.

We are continually discovering new uses for our pillows. If you have an interesting experience or discover a new use for your pillows please email us so we can share it with others. Stay in touch!

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